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Create Better Representatives for your Corporation

In order to create better representatives for your company, you must equip them with the proper tools required to function at their highest level. This program is designed to polish, refine and fine tune skills that will bring about the most remarkable ambassadors fully prepared to represent your organization.


  • Image: a visual representation of one's self. To insure that you're projecting your best self it's always best to fine tune and polish your natural gifts with the assistance of an expert to insure a masterpiece.
  • Impression management: A lasting impression is just that. Learn how to always make a good impression by having a better undestanding of your habits good or bad.
  • Customer service: To perfect your people skills you must develop a level of patience and understanding of the human race.
  • Phone skills: Tact is key in the development of your phone skills.
  • Dinning tutorial: A basic skill required to eliminate one of the nervous factors when at a dinner meeting
  • Tools of Networking: You are your biggest tool. Learn how to put yourself into play.
  • Basic manners and much more: A very simple but essential tool that can make you memorable.


  • Sunday Schools
  • Women's Groups
  • Men's Groups
  • Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

Sports Teams:

  • Male or Female


  • Private and Public

Public Service Groups:

  • Male and female

Contact me to get started on your exciting transformation: 917.533.1205


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